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Wild Essentials

Wilder Essentials Aromatherapy Inhalers 4 Pack Assortment

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Wild-ER Essentials inhalers are not your Mama's aromatherapy! A funny and effective way to use your aromatherapy throughout your entire day. We include 4 different inhalers for each part of your day - Wake The Fuck Up (for those rough mornings when coffee doesn't quite do it), Hangover Relief (help headaches, nausea, fatigue, after workout or that next morning after one too many drinks), Chill The Fuck Out (for when the stress is getting unbearable or you just want to calm down) and Go The Fuck To Sleep (for bedtime when you are ready to re-charge and do it all again tomorrow!

Our inhalers are made in the USA with high density medical grade plastic to keep the oils from evaporating or oxidizing. The most effective method for deriving the benefits of essential oils has been proven to be inhalation.

A great gift for someone with a sense of humor that needs some "help". Available in a 4 pack window box.

• Made in United States • Weight: 1.3 oz (36.3 g)